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Pesach in St. Petersburg - All my bags are packed

Well they're almost packed, at least the clothes are laid out on my bed ready to go into my suitcase.

Over the course of today and yesterday I have spoken with Rabbi Michael Farbman and the three HUC students that I will be working with in St Petersburg for a significant amount of time there (Josh, Julia and David).

So, my schedule looks like including: the big communal seder, the english-language seder on the second night, a big seder for the Netzer (youth movement) group and about seven sedarim in schools for all ages. Alongside this I will also be running a couple of sessions for the Netzer group and the young adults, as well as helping Rabbi Farbman with the Kabbalat Shabbat and Shacharit Shabbat services. I'm certainly not going to be bored!

I find it amazing that there are so many activities and events for me to be involved in, it is a real testament to the rebirth of Jewish life in Russia, and the Former Soviet Union.

The next time I write will hopefully be from St Petersburg, I look forward to having you join me on my journey...

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