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TMOT Podcast: Ki Tissah

We are all aware of racism in our society, but what can the Torah teach us about this age old problem. Find out how Parashat Ki Tissah deals with this challenge.


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If you prefer to read Two Minutes of Torah for yourself, then you can click on the link above (Two Minutes of Torah) to read the Dvar Torah for Ki Tissah.

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  1. Danny,
    I have not been blessed to meet you yet but I have heard so many wonderful things. It also struck me that the high Priest wore a large rimon on his head that said Kadosh L'Adonai-- holy to God. When he put it on, its heaviness reminded him of the heaviness of the position. As well, the people saw the words on his head ever imprinted. It is as if the priest were wearing the heavy silver Kadosh L'Adonai, even when he was not. Think of wearing a pair of socks all day- when you take them off, there is a ring around your calf until the skin retains its original shape and then we put a sock on again. The message on the crown reminded not only the high priest that he was holy but, the people who orally told our tradition and knew that we were created B'zelem Adonai. We like the priest, have the words etched in our head. Often we remember them for ourselves, but more importantly, we need to see them on every soul- the people who work in our supermarkets- our kids teachers. We are all Kadosh L'Adonai- Holy for God and Holy to God.
    Kol HaKavod Rabbi Burkeman on the website for Community Synagogue and your own individual web page. I will be visiting often for your insight.