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>The World Zionist Congress – Arzenu, Labour and Meretz

>This afternoon we had the first meeting of our new faction for the Congress. Our Arzenu group have spent the last few years negotiating with Labour to form a coalition, and more recently Meretz have joined us. This means that we will together be the largest group at the Congress, and it will further increase the influence we have.

This will be important for the work of the Zionist institutions, however, it is equally, if not more important in relation to what it means for our place in Israeli society. We in the Reform movement remain a small percentage within Israeli society, but we are the largest international stream of Judaism, and it is important that our voice is heard within Israeli society. With Labour and Meretz we share a broad vision of a Jewish democratic state, at peace with her neighbours, and built on values of social justice and pluralism. It is a partnership which is built on strong ideological foundations.

We in Arzenu have to use our voice, and strength, within the World Zionist Congress to help our Israeli Reform movement. Through this agreement we now have a formal partnership with two parties within the Israeli Knesset, which can only help in the further establishment and legitimisation of our movement here in Israel.

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