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>The World Zionist Congress – Being part of a world movement

>In our joint faction meeting with Labour we heard today from representatives of our groups from across the world.

In Britain we Reform Jews are a minority within a minority – it can be difficult and sometimes demoralising. Being part of the Arzenu delegation at the World Zionist Congress is a reminder that we are part of an international movement, with members spread across the world. We have allies and supporters around the globe, and we need to find ways to work more closely together and to strengthen our bonds and cooperation. It is always refreshing and inspiring to see Reform Jews from across the globe.

We all face a range of different challenges and problems as a result of our different national contexts. But there are some challenges and problems which we all face together. Through cooperation and the sharing of ideas we can face the future together, and continue to advance the international message of Reform Judaism and Reform Zionism.

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