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>World Zionist Congress – Catching up and the Voting

>So for the last two days with all of the meetings (and the lack of a reliable free wireless source in the hotel or the convention center) and various other things which have been going on, it has been impossible to get onto the internet to update the blog – I am sorry.

To bring you up to speed, I have been in and out of meetings for the last two days. Some of them specifically relating to our Arzenu group (and the Reform movement), and in others which have been as a part of our combined faction with Labour and Meretz. It’s been exhausting, as our meetings have begun at 7:30, and we have been working through until the late hours.

It has been eye-opening to see the way that Zionist politics works, and it has been especially interesting to see the ways in which different groups vote together on some issues, and in opposition on other matters.

Last night we also had the opportunity to hear President Shimon Peres and the Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat, as we celebrated 150 years since Herzl’s birth.

Right now, as I update the blog, we are voting in the resolution session, as the motions which were debated yesterday are being confirmed by a vote of all the delegates present at the World Zionist Congress. Right now a lot of the motions involve the rights of all streams of Judaism, and it is wonderful to watch as these motions, which we support, are being passed.

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