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Some more articles about Operation Protective Edge and the current situation in Israel

As we continue to watch events in Israel escalating, I feel that it is time to post a few more articles that I have found interesting. With so many people writing about this subject, and with a real escalation in the anger and animosity on both sides, it was a much harder task this time round. I therefore reached out to friends and colleagues for help, and I thank them for their recommendations. Once again I stress that I do not necessarily agree or disagree with these articles, I do however feel that they offer important insights into the situation in Israel and the continuing conflict.

Rabbi Danny  (July 31, 2014)

As Jews, we can’t be neutral in this conflict
My friend and colleague Rabbi Neil Janes offers a letter to those people looking for information about the conflict, and reminds us of why it is impossible to be neutral in approaching this conflict.

7 Things to Consider Before Choosing Sides in the Middle East Conflict
Ali A. Rizvi poses 7 questions which frequently come up in relation to the conflict, and then offers his answers to these questions. He attempts to see things from both sides, attempting to move people away from being “pro-Israel” or “pro-Palestinian”.

You’re wrong to hate Israel or even criticize over Gaza
Marc Goldberg (who I spent a year in Israel  with) writes about the double standards applied to Israel’s actions in contrast to other things that happen in wars and conflicts elsewhere in the world.

We ignore the new anti-Semitism taking hold at our peril
Richard Ferrer warns us of the way that anti-Semitism is taking hold in Europe as people come out to protest Israel’s actions.

No War Is an Island
David Brooks considers why the conflict between Israel and Hamas is actually part of a wider clash within Arab civilization.

Hey, Liberals Who Oppose Israel: You’re All Right-Wingers Now

Liel Leibovitz writes about the people on the left who are supporting Hamas, and questions what supporting Hamas really means and how it is in conflict with the very progressive, liberal values this group seeks to espouse. 

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